BRITISH FOLK-ROCK: TOP 10 most wanted/unknown albums on THE LAKE BAND ***REPOST***

"Most of them are gone, but their music will be with me until my time comes."

Diez esplendidos discos ... Clasícos ocultos de Folk-Rock británico. Tesoros que no necesitan luz para brillar y hacen de la vida un lugar mejor.

1. BERT JANSCH & JOHN RENBOURN - Bert and John [Extra Tracks] (1966)

2. DAVY GRAHAM & SHIRLEY COLLINS - Folk Roots, New Routes (1964)

3. FOTHERINGAY - Fotheringay [Extra Tracks] (1970)

4. HERON - Upon The Reflection [The Dawn Anthology] (1970-1972)

5. JACKSON C. FRANK - Blues Run The Game [Deluxe Edition] (1965) 

6. LAL AND MIKE WATERSON - Bright Phoebus (1972)

7. NICK DRAKE - Bryter Layter (1970)

8. SYNANTHESIA - Synanthesia [Extra Track] (1969)

9. DAVY GRAHAM - Folk, Blues and Beyond [Extra Tracks] (1964)

10. TUDOR LODGE - Tudor Lodge (1971)

3 comentarios:

tcw3 dijo...

Great collection, you have i few i missed, thanks for these!

Andreas M. Wittig dijo...

"The Ship" is not a British band, they were from Illinois/USA

Cacu dijo...

You're right Andreas. We've removed it from the list. Thanks!

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